2020-09-21: 94% of trips to HomeGoods are about finding a reasonably priced mirror. They should rebrand as …

2020-09-10: Even if my horizons expand to include the whole world, I doubt that “any porch on a rainy day” will …

2020-09-07: I’m suspicious of and intimidated by people with emotional certainty, who seem to know exactly …

2020-08-22: Ways to address me in order from least to most offensive: #5 Sonofabitch #4 Asshole #3 Chief #2 …

2020-08-14: We started these letter generations pretty late in the alphabet so I guess the next generation will …

2020-08-11: Analogies for the Utility of Plain Text Syntaxes like Markdown I find it really hard to explain the (life-changing) utility of plain text syntax for writing, so …

2020-08-01: The official religion of the establishment ruling class can be summed up in this one central article …

2020-08-01: The jury is officially in: America’s leaders would rather shovel most of our citizens and the …

2020-07-25: This baby Wendell is no longer zero years old. These were also the most astonishing chocolate …

2020-07-17: Angry Gratitude List: Anti-Masker Edition I write gratitude lists most days that I share with friends. Sometimes they aren’t all nicey-sweet. …


2020-06-26: I was on a podcast: overcast.fm/+TWOsK1h3…

2020-06-21: ‪John Bolton is one of the four or seven worst people currently living on the planet. And …

2020-06-18: The Racial Wealth Gap A common delaying tactic that we all employ is: “Let’s think about this. It’s …

2020-06-18: ‪To the memetic legend who fashioned and spread the idea that you must bathe in tomato juice after …

2020-06-17: As a young teenager, I sailed tall ships, which sounds a lot better than “I went to Sailing …

2020-06-12: Privilege is non-transferable. The imaginary act of “giving up privilege” itself affirms …

2020-06-11: Vinyl is the best pomodoro timer you can buy.

2020-06-10: This podcast that I made a few years ago is still relevant and still one of the only things …

2020-06-01: Has anyone here on micro.blog set up any “unofficial” way to do threads? I understand we …

2020-05-31: When individuals blame society for their problems, it’s usually a cop-out. When a society blames …

2020-05-31: Confessions of a Looter I need to admit something: I am an active participant in looting. As a business owner (or, as the …

2020-05-18: “You can’t connect all the yaks you’ve shaved looking forward; you can only connect them …

2019-11-17: Snuggling before bed, Louisa, 2, leans back and with explosive force smashes her disproportionately …

2019-10-31: This year’s Halloween photo did not go as well as last year’s…

2019-10-31: First blurry Polaroids of Wendell

2019-10-13: When you forget it’s picture day and send her to school in a Snoop Dogg shirt.

2019-10-06: Louisa’s first time at Sesame Place with special appearances by Wendell and Mae. First three are …

2019-10-05: Of all the years to pick for the first time to forget my dad’s birthday, this one was simultaneously …

2019-08-01: Dreaming Wendell.

2019-07-29: Louisa clearly has plans for her baby brother. Wendell has questions about those plans.

2019-07-26: Wendell Brooks Phillips, 7 lbs. 11 oz.. He doesn’t have much to say but he seems nice enough. …

2019-07-25: About to have this baby… UPDATE: Success! Stay tuned.

2019-07-20: Enjoying her last weekend as an only child.

2019-07-20: The @omega Speedmaster all dressed up for its special day on a dressy NATO from @havestonstraps. 50 …


2019-06-23: Today is World Typewriter Day. If you or any of your associates ever come across a typewriter in …


2019-06-16: From a while back.

2019-06-14: Profiteroles are top 5 among most overrated desserts.

2019-06-13: Been a while. I have so many photos to post. Feels too late now though… Cobblers’ children …

2019-06-08: Started shooting film again.

2019-05-07: The Champions League concept of an “aggregate victory” is antithetical to the very idea of a …

2019-05-06: This is it for me, and there’s still a ways to go. But along with this blogging foundation, …

2018-12-31: Couple more Louisa portraits.

2018-11-14: Gettin’ crisp outside.

2018-10-30: I dressed up for Halloween. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝


2018-09-30: The first thing Louisa does each day: Find all the necklaces and put them on. I blame @alymakintosh …

2018-09-14: This baby is 1.

2018-08-18: Finally going through the last year of photography. Apologies in advance for how many Louisa photos …

2018-07-04: Louisa had her first Hofmann’s hot dog today (correctly, with mustard). Also, she’s …

2018-06-28: Progression.


2018-06-14: Louisa got another new dress. Taking her first train ride today.

2018-05-01: Louisa gets her hat-wearing skills from her mother.

2018-03-31: Louisa’s first time in Wegman’s. She can’t even believe it.

2017-12-26: Louisa’s first hike.

2017-09-15: Baby Louisa at 2 hours old.

2017-06-17: Allison and the baby at Thornden Rose Garden.

2016-12-31: Happy New Year’s Eve from @alymakintosh and me. (Early dinner at Kimo’s in Maui)

2016-02-14: Allison made an apple pie because she’s fancy and America.

2015-09-15: The guys built a set for this one.

2015-07-24: The Word warming up in front of the Philly skyline

2015-07-19: Vespa

2015-07-19: Allison made me post one selfie from our favorite place in Taormina

2015-07-16: Peacefully sleeping man, detail

2015-07-16: Peacefully sleeping man

2015-07-16: Obligatory resting baby goat

2015-07-16: More Greek temples by the sea

2015-07-16: More Greek temples

2015-07-16: The most well-preserved Greek temple on earth

2015-07-16: More Turkish Steps

2015-07-16: More Turkish Steps, hard to describe, definitely one of the coolest natural structures I’ve …

2015-07-16: As a Syracuse nerd, I had no choice but to wear the most Syracuse shirt I had to Siracusa

2015-07-16: Inside a castle in Siracusa (yes, Siracusa)

2015-07-16: First time I’ve lain down on a rock that was comfortable like a pillow

2015-07-16: My wife

2015-07-16: Climbing the Turkish Steps with Alex and Mauro

2015-07-16: The Turkish Steps in Sicily

2015-07-16: The Greek theatre in the daytime

2015-07-16: My wife

2015-07-16: A couple of guys live broadcasting the the opera, Carmen, outside the Greek theatre.

2015-07-16: Opera in a 3000-year-old Greek theatre above the sea. Fully acoustic.

2015-02-03: Every sunny morning the Philly skyline turns golden for about 5 minutes.

2015-01-24: We’re South Philly homeowners.


2015-01-09: Everything is lies.

2014-11-28: Don’t look like Black Friday here.

2014-11-22: You can’t tell here, for obvious reasons, but the color is stunning.

2014-11-21: 35mm taco party

2014-11-16: 70mm film you guys

2014-11-11: Last day in olive land.

2014-11-10: Professional oil tasting with scientists wearing lab coats.

2014-11-09: Visigoths, Romans, Moors, Catholics. A church within a mosque within a church. Pretty neat.


2014-11-09: Same dumb boring window.

2014-11-09: Regular boring window.

2014-11-09: No climbing.



2014-11-09: Olive oil tasting.

2014-06-29: Spoon selfie.

2014-02-20: Horace Mann

2014-02-09: BBQ line

2014-02-02: Clever naming

2014-01-03: Allison under the train tracks

2013-12-17: An @andyhensler camera cart.

2013-12-17: Man in pickup truck.

2013-12-17: Producing today. Much less stress than directing (for me).

2013-12-08: People playing with dogs.

2013-12-06: My receipt (@ House Industries New Store)

2013-12-05: Some new Philips Hue light strips in the equipment cage. Fun for everybody.

2013-11-16: Solo shoot with my buddy riding shotgun

2013-11-06: There’s always this place

2013-10-31: Harbor sunrise. Leaving Italy today. It’s been insanely great.

2013-10-30: It has truly been a spectacular viaggio di nozze. Thanks for encouranging us to take pictures, as we …

2013-10-30: Hills.

2013-10-30: More boring Tuscan sunsets.

2013-10-30: Fashioning leather things.

2013-10-29: The Arno at night, from Ponte Vecchio.

2013-10-29: Il Davide. Can’t be captured.

2013-10-28: The keepers of the meats and cheeses.

2013-10-28: “Whatever you need to talk to me about… Can it wait?”

2013-10-27: Dead tree on the side of a hill.

2013-10-27: Pecorino Toscano. With honey. The cheese I’ve looked for the last 8 years in the states. …

2013-10-27: Been really impressed with the iPhone 5S camera.

2013-10-27: Smooth gradient sunset.

2013-10-27: Grape leaves in fall.

2013-10-26: Sorry for the selfie. It’s just that there aren’t many pictures where we are both okay …

2013-10-26: Manicured.

2013-10-26: Kids play.

2013-10-25: Olives.

2013-10-25: Good weather.

2013-10-25: In case any of my fellow Americans were wondering, this is the color of olive oil.

2013-10-25: Most brilliant restaurant tagline, for so many reasons: “Closed Wednesday”

2013-10-25: Hamburger. Fork and knife.

2013-10-25: Roof.

2013-10-25: Toscana. The countryside.

2013-10-24: Back in the ‘hood.

2013-10-24: Room keys.

2013-10-23: Is this enough pictures, @hannahdelwaterman?

2013-10-23: The spread.

2013-10-22: Nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in, by far. From or room.

2013-10-22: Fruit in hotel room. Not fake.

2013-10-22: Positano up close

2013-10-22: Positano from afar

2013-10-21: Tiny convertible taxi that holds eight passengers. I need one of these.

2013-10-20: From the chairlift above Capri

2013-10-20: Tiny people in a tiny car.

2013-10-20: Trees in the fog atop a mountain in Capri.

2013-10-20: Approaching Capri

2013-10-20: Mmhmm that’s the moon from our hotel. Photo credit to my lovely bride.

2013-10-20: And here’s the sun from the same window.



2013-10-12: A little pre-wedding quiet time. #zachandallisongetmarried

2013-10-05: Well this birthday just got considerably mo’ better.

2013-10-02: Our drycleaner is a serious drycleaner.

2013-09-29: We’re on the radio. This is the big-time.

2013-09-29: CDs you guys!!!!!

2013-09-27: Because the world needs more photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

2013-09-26: So many bonus points if you know what this desk is…

2013-09-26: Tree sprouted during Charlemagne and the Muslim conquest of Spain

2013-09-26: Say I won’t hug this tree

2013-09-26: Allison’s aunt and uncle grabbed this from a set they were catering

2013-09-25: Seems like a lot of wine

2013-09-25: Goat cheese and tomato croquettes with lavender-infused honey

2013-09-25: Everywhere you look

2013-09-25: Seems like a lot of wine

2013-09-25: Sea lions


2013-09-25: Alcatraz and a big-ass boat

2013-09-25: Even the showerheads in San Francisco. Even the showerheads.

2013-09-24: My old iPhone sadly gazes upon my new iPhone before going into a plastic bag, forever.

2013-09-24: Presidio

2013-09-24: Allison doesn’t like her natural curly hair because basically I don’t know she wants the …

2013-09-23: Wat

2013-09-22: Desert oasis

2013-09-22: Nice day.

2013-09-22: Smokers on a hill.

2013-09-22: Shuttle through the desert.

2013-09-22: Smokers on a hill.

2013-09-21: Not a bad spot to get some work done.

2012-09-09: Just the sun with some clouds but it feels kind of intense.

2012-09-09: Apples at Beak & Skiff

2012-09-09: Apple picking with Allison.

2012-09-09: Sad day.

2012-09-09: Delaney’s Silverqueen for the last day at camp.

2012-04-17: dinner in grand central with allison, who gets sworn into the new york bar tomorrow

2012-01-26: Aqua Notes! You better recognize!

2012-01-07: our lemon tree worked hard on these three.


2011-12-28: big east!!!

2011-11-26: aboard Old Ironsides

2011-10-31: my halloween costume. cousin eric got it at the company picnic. love that guy.

2011-10-30: our lemon tree is killing it. huge lemons.

2011-10-29: cousins

2011-10-20: my aunt’s puppy. extemporaneous.

2011-10-17: rubber stamp = inexpensive branding

2011-10-13: liz and grandpa

2011-10-12: summer dreams, ripped at the seams. @coINLoftDE fail.

2011-10-11: my sister acting strange

2011-10-11: Delaware.

2010-12-15: il pomodoro