A common delaying tactic that we all employ is: “Let’s think about this. It’s complicated.”

For racial justice, it would be good to remember that there are some very UNcomplicated things. One of them, maybe the least complicated of all, is The Wealth Gap.

The average (and median) net worth of black families in America is less than 10% that of white families. This is 50 years post-Civil Rights Act and 150 years post-enslavement.

There are only two reasons that are possible to consider for why this massive wealth gap exists:

  1. Relentless, systematic, and violent oppression of black people, every single day, for decades. This is not “discrimination.” A 15% difference in wealth could be explained by “discrimination.” The 90% wealth gap can only be the result of a scorched-earth policy of war.
  2. If you consider the only other reason you could be considering for more than 8 or 11 seconds, then you are a dangerous person who shouldn’t be allowed near children or anything of any importance.

Will bridging the wealth gap solve everything for black people? Of course not, but it’s the simplest thing that can be done immediately, and I would argue it’s the most important first step in righting the sinking ship of America.

While black people continue to show awe-inspiring courage and resilience, money is the best weapon to arm them with for the many battles that lie ahead. Money goes a long way. It’s the most effective means of power and self-determination in our system.

“So what are you saying? Just give black people money? Let’s think about this. It’s complicat—“ No, it isn’t. 98-0, Democrat and Republican senators voted to use TRILLIONS of our collective dollars to eliminate the chance of rich people being hurt by the pandemic. 98-0.

Think about this: With just the 2 trillion dollars used by the Fed to prop up the stock market for A COUPLE OF DAYS in April, we could have given every black person in America—grandparents, moms, dads, kids, babies—more than $60,000. Each.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s available. We have more than the means to close the racial wealth gap. It isn’t complicated. Every day we fail to do so only adds to the pain, the sin, the collective karma that is rotting out the soul (and the economy) of this country.

The best day to begin Reparations was 150 years ago. The second best day is today.