• Has anyone here on micro.blog set up any “unofficial” way to do threads? I understand we can just do longer “blog posts,” but there are actually some amazing things that came out of the hacky Twitter thread, like jumping between threads from the atomic micropost level. cc @manton

  • When individuals blame society for their problems, it’s usually a cop-out.

    When a society blames individuals for its problems, it’s ALWAYS a cop-out.

  • Confessions of a Looter

    I need to admit something: I am an active participant in looting. As a business owner (or, as the elected leaders and ruling class like to call me, a “JAHHB creator”), I received $177,835 in taxpayer money last month, which I’m free to do whatever I want with.

    If I use this $177,835 I was given for payroll or rent, it’s just a gift to me. I get to continue operating my business as I see fit. And if I use the money to bonus myself, it becomes essentially a zero interest loan.

    When the Payroll Protection Program was passed, I had at least a dozen conversations with other business owners and friends in government: “Let me get this straight… They’re just going to… pay my payroll for two months? Really? 🤷‍♂️ Okay…”

    The subtext of every one of these conversations was: “You mean, the store is just… open? We can just take the money?” And so like a bunch of hogs, we went on a ravenous feeding frenzy. All of our CFOs/lawyers/accountants sucked up every dollar we could from that open store.

    Of course, none of my fellow looters have any absolutely justified rage or poverty. We’re just opportunistic. Like literally every other living creature in every known phylum, genus, and species that has ever existed.

    Sure, we “care about our employees.” We hate having to lay anyone off (if we aren’t monsters). But let’s be clear… Our employees make us money. We are in the power position, and because of the broken values of this society, we are ALWAYS the first ones rescued/protected.

    Note: We are all fully aware that we used whatever resources and any connections we had to elbow our way to the front of the corporate welfare line. You think we don’t know we’re 46,000 times more likely to get PPP than, say, the average black-owned business on 9th Street?

    None of us is above looting, and the looting that has been perpetrated on this country by those who have already “made it” is the reason we’re here in the first place. And it’s infinitely more disgusting than trashing a T-Mobile.

    If you’ve ever paid capital gains tax, if you’ve ever taken the mortgage interest deduction on your expensive home, if any part of your income isn’t subject to payroll tax, if you’ve “made it,” if you know (damn well) that you are the beneficiary of our morally bankrupt system, you are not eligible to judge anyone for looting.

  • “You can’t connect all the yaks you’ve shaved looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that all of your meticulously-shaven yaks will somehow connect in your future.”

    — Steve Jobs, who died on my birthday

  • Snuggling before bed, Louisa, 2, leans back and with explosive force smashes her disproportionately large skull against my teeth. I shriek out in pain, possibly bleeding. Unfazed, Louisa sighs, then coldly pats me on the head.

    “You’re okay, Daddy… You’re okay…”

  • This year’s Halloween photo did not go as well as last year’s…

  • First blurry Polaroids of Wendell

  • When you forget it’s picture day and send her to school in a Snoop Dogg shirt.

  • Louisa’s first time at Sesame Place with special appearances by Wendell and Mae. First three are short clips, last three are the full jawn with music on top.

  • Of all the years to pick for the first time to forget my dad’s birthday, this one was simultaneously the least forgivable and the most. The least because it’s his 70th, the most because I forgot my own (today) between these two babies and craziness at work. Anyway, I think I might have a get out of jail free card here somewhere… Happy Belated 70th Birthday, Grandpa Boop!

  • Dreaming Wendell.

  • Louisa clearly has plans for her baby brother. Wendell has questions about those plans.

  • Wendell Brooks Phillips, 7 lbs. 11 oz.. He doesn’t have much to say but he seems nice enough. Allison is recovering beautifully. She’s the best.

  • About to have this baby… UPDATE: Success! Stay tuned.

  • Enjoying her last weekend as an only child.

  • The @omega Speedmaster all dressed up for its special day on a dressy NATO from @havestonstraps. 50 years. Still a perfect design.

  • Today is World Typewriter Day. If you or any of your associates ever come across a typewriter in Dvorak layout, please contact me immediately. I have three of them, the only three I have found in years of searching. I love them. I will pay you a finder’s fee. I really love them.

  • From a while back.

  • Profiteroles are top 5 among most overrated desserts.

  • Been a while. I have so many photos to post. Feels too late now though… Cobblers’ children have no shoes.

  • Started shooting film again.

  • The Champions League concept of an “aggregate victory” is antithetical to the very idea of a game—sorry—match. It somehow manages to be dumber and more entertainment-killing than ending a game on penalty kicks.

  • This is it for me, and there’s still a ways to go.

    But along with this blogging foundation, Micro.blog tries to learn from the user experience of social networks. Can we make blogging much easier, so that it’s your primary home on the web, and the first place you think to post?

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